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Wide support for phones is insured by a small application footprint while maintaining extensive word vocabularies optimized against most used words for improved performance on your mobile device.

Translations are romanised (phonetic) and for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew, Armenian, Georgian, Greek and Cyrillic dictionaries with desktop and laptop versions showing local scripts as well.

A remarkable language software designed to run on a variety of platforms to suit your choice, versatile for all those in need of mobile language referencing: business people, travelers, and foreign language students.

Desktop and laptop versions include a learning mode which uses flashcards to build your vocabulary.

These applications deliver quick and easy searching instantly turning your handheld into a personal language communication assistant.

Paperless Electronic Dictionaries

Each paperless electronic dictionary has $25 worth of environmental benefits every year by choosing not to buy a physical book… more


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