Hello There


A messaging service with a difference

Remember CB radios, where anyone could join a conversation who is within range, Hello There does a similar thing. Anonymous messaging to anyone within 100 metres (this range will be reduced as the service becomes more popular), provides a service for the shy to participate in conversations without necessarily offering their identity or the extrovert to invite anyone in the vicinity to join them in person. There are no logon details, no registrations, no tracking, no stored personal data and all messages expire in 10 minutes.

screen2Introduce yourself, across a room, without the stress of a face to face first move. Find out a bit about each other before offering to meet in person. Ideal for friends to chat around a table, political rallies, for students to share comments in the classroom, brainstormers sharing ideas in meetings, a different kind of blind speed dating, shop keepers reaching out to customers looking for offers, arranging a Flash Mob or just to message your partner to bring you a cup of tea… or offer them one.

Open the app to view all messages in range. “Say Hello” – send a message, to the stream and receive message screen1updates for the next 10 minutes. Hello There will only start checking again automatically if you send another message. “Anyone There” – to collect the stream without sending a message or to update the stream anytime. All messages expire after 10 minutes and the message stream is limited to the latest 50
messages. Hold the “Anyone There” button to view a world wide users.

Messages from the first 10 stream members are coloured to identify messages from the same participant or if there are only two people in the stream identify yours and their comments. Messages are restricted to 50 characters and as such the service uses very little data bandwidth.


Be part of the new big thing… FREE DOWNLOAD (Android only for now)

Download from your mobile or tablet and choose to allow unknown sources to install… get your friends to install and start straight away. Uses location services with GPSs providing better accuracy to networks. Needs a network connection…

Or from Google Play

[appbox googleplay app.hellothere ]