English Russian English Dictionary (Eng Russian Dic)

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Looking to buy an English Russian Dictionary paperback or phrase book? Have you considered using a translation “app” on your mobile phone, PDA or games console, which uses the same space as a ringtone, is easy to install and is faster to reference than a book?

The English Russian dictionary suite (Eng Russian Dic.) is a full set of English Russian language software for multiple platforms. Each dictionary can be used to translate from English to Russian and from Russian to English.

English Russian Dictionary Android

English Russian Dictionary (J2ME – Mobile Phone)

Smartphones supporting Java (Symbian, S60, Windows mobile, Pocket PC, Android)
Games consoles (PSP, NDS, GP2X)

English Russian Dictionary (J2SE – Mac, Linux Windows)

Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris (desktops and laptops)
Jailbroken iPhone and iTouch (no support given)

English Russian Dictionary (Palm OS)

Palm (Palms running Windows Mobile should use the J2ME – Mobile Phone version

English Russian Dictionary (Windows Mobile Smartphone)

English Russian Dictionary (Blackberry)

Versions for mobile phones and other mobile devices provide word translations Eng Russian displaying translations in phonetic Russian (romanised Russian). The Russian Eng dic translates from phonetic Russian to English and by using the copy feature this can be particularly useful for reverse lookups for synonyms and to understand the broader use of the Russian word in the English language. Although the Eng Russian dict does not provide definitions or examples, the use of the translation software in this way provides you with a mechanism to better understand Russian words in the English context without the need for detailed definitions.

Laptop and Desktop versions for Windows, Apple Mac and Linux of the English Russian language dictionary software display Russian characters as well as phonetic Russian when translating words from English to Russian. The copy feature is equally useful in helping to understand and communicate between English and Russian. This version can also translate from Russian characters to English as well as from phonetic Russian (romanised Russian) to English.

Windows, Apple Mac and Linux versions also provide a Russian learning mode, which uses flashcards to help you learn and memorize the Russian language. The learning or Russian teacher mode has 4 levels. In level one a word is selected from the 500 most commonly used English words and three Russian words are displayed for you to make your choice. If the correct word is selected points are awarded, otherwise a life is lost. The correct answer is always displayed after a Russian word is selected. Points are accumulated until 10 lives are lost. The second level of the game still tests against the 500 most commonly used English words, but offers a choice from five Russian words for the correct English to Russian translation. The Russian teacher becomes more difficult in levels 3 and 4 when you are tested on your knowledge of the Russian language against the complete Eng Russian dic. Like level 1, level 3 offers three Russian word choices and level 4 five Russian word choices from the extensive English Russian lexicon.

The learning mode provides the same functionality from Russian words to English for levels 1 to 4. Russian words are displayed in Russian characters, but after an English translation choice is made the phonetic Russian (romanised Russian) is also displayed whether the selection is right or wrong. This is very helpful for Russian language students who are learning to read Russian.

A paperless option makes sense. It is kinder to the environment, its faster and it works on a device you already own.