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English Japanese Dictionary(Windows, Mac, Linux), electronic software travel dictionary to translate English to Japanese displaying a list of words in romanised (phonetic) Japanese. The Japanese English dictionary translates from phonetic Japanese to English. Copying a word from the translated list for a reverse translation can be used to find synonyms and to understand the broader use of the Japanese word in the English language. Although the English Japanese dictionary does not provide definitions or examples, the use of the translation software in this way provides you with a mechanism to better understand Japanese words in the English context without the need for definitions.

Windows, Apple Mac and Linux versions also provide an Japanese learning mode, which uses flashcards to help you learn and memorize the Japanese language. The learning or Japanese teacher mode has 4 levels. In level one a word is selected from the 500 most commonly used English words and three Japanese words are displayed for you to make your choice. If the correct word is selected points are awarded, otherwise a life is lost. The correct answer is always displayed after a Japanese word is selected. Points are accumulated until 10 lives are lost. The second level of the game still tests against the 500 most commonly used English words, but offers a choice from five Japanese words for the correct English to Japanese translation. The Japanese teacher becomes more difficult in levels 3 and 4 when you are tested on your knowledge of the Japanese language against the complete Eng Japanese dic. Like level 1, level 3 offers three Japanese word choices and level 4 five Japanese word choices from the extensive English Japanese lexicon.

The learning mode provides the same functionality from Japanese words to English for levels 1 to 4. Japanese words are displayed in Japanese characters, but after an English translation choice is made the phonetic Japanese (romanised Japanese) is also displayed whether the selection is right or wrong. This is very helpful for Japanese language students who are learning to read Japanese.

Ideal for anyone in need of mobile English to Japanese referencing, business people, travelers, and foreign language students, the dictionary delivers quick and easy searching instantly turning your laptop or desktop into a personal language communication assistant.

Making the lifestyle choice of using a paperless English Japanese dictionary keeps trees in the forest and for every paperback left in growing timber provides £16 of eco-benefits for each year after you make that decision.

Includes easy install and easy operation manual.

Supported Device

iPhone (Jail broken – no support)