Electronic Travel Guide for Thailand – Blackberry

Mobile Phone



Convert your Blackberry into an electronic travel guide absolutely free.

Running on the Blackberry compatible with the J2ME specifications CLDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 or later.

Understanding the limitations of your Blackberry we have designed this product to enhance performance, reliability and compatibility. The guide includes over 3500 hotels and resorts, 700 restaurants and 300 health facilities. With a small footprint of less than 200KB the application is a perfect complement to the English Thai Translator which can both be loaded before you travel.

Ideal for anyone in need of mobile referencing, business people and travellers delivering quick and easy searching instantly turning your Blackberry into a personal travel assistant.

Making the lifestyle choice of going “paperless” on your Blackberry keeps trees in the forest and for every paperback left in growing timber provides £16 of eco-benefits for each year after you make that decision.

Includes easy install and easy operation manual.