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English Dzongkha English Dictionary (Eng Dzongkha Dic)

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Looking to buy an English Dzongkha Dictionary paperback or phrase book? Have you considered using a translation “app” on your mobile phone, PDA or games console, which uses the same space as a ringtone, is easy to install and is faster to reference than a book?

The English Dzongkha dictionary suite (Eng Dzongkha Dic.) is a full set of English Arabic language software for multiple platforms. Each dictionary can be used to translate from English to Dzongkha and from Dzongkha to English.

English Dzongkha Dictionary Android

English Dzongkha Dictionary (J2ME – Mobile Phone)

Smartphones supporting Java (Symbian, S60, Windows mobile, Pocket PC, Android)
Games consoles (PSP, NDS, GP2X)

English Dzongkha Dictionary (Palm OS)

Palm (Palms running Windows Mobile should use the J2ME – Mobile Phone version

English Dzongkha Dictionary (Windows Mobile)

English Dzongkha Dictionary (Blackberry)

Versions for mobile phones and other mobile devices provide word translations Eng Dzongkha displaying translations in phonetic Dzongkha (romanised Dzongkha). The Dzongkha Eng dic translates from phonetic Dzongkha to English and by using the copy feature this can be particularly useful for reverse lookups for synonyms and to understand the broader use of the Dzongkha word in the English language. Although the Eng Dzongkha dict does not provide definitions or examples, the use of the translation software in this way provides you with a mechanism to better understand Dzongkha words in the English context without the need for detailed definitions.

A paperless option makes sense. It is kinder to the environment, its faster and it works on a device you already own.

Electronic Travel Guide for Thailand – Palm

Mobile Phone



Convert your Palm into an electronic travel guide absolutely free.

Running on Palms installed with a java runtime environment, JVM.

Understanding the limitations of your Palm we have designed this product to enhance performance, reliability and compatibility. The guide includes over 3500 hotels and resorts, 700 restaurants and 300 health facilities. With a small footprint of less than 200KB the application is a perfect complement to the English Thai Translator which can both be loaded before you travel.

Ideal for anyone in need of mobile referencing, business people and travellers delivering quick and easy searching instantly turning your Palm into a personal travel assistant.

Making the lifestyle choice of going “paperless” on your device keeps trees in the forest and for every paperback left in growing timber provides £16 of eco-benefits for each year after you make that decision.

Includes easy install and easy operation manual.

For Palms running Palm OS
Z22, TX, Tungsten, Centro, Treo
Requires JVM – Download

Use the J2ME – Mobile phone version for Palms running Windows Mobile 6.0 or later