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The Quick and Free Way to Get a SWARM of Visitors to Your Website… Not!

Recently I finished working for a not for profit organisation in Bangkok. During my spare time I developed a suite of electronic dictionaries for mobile devices… here’s the link, www.bede.me, but let’s be honest this isn’t why you are reading this article.

I returned to the UK to put my kids through secondary school or high school for those across the ocean, and started to market my mass market utility application on the net.

I have made a few mistakes and upset Google Adsense… their loss not mine, trying to generate traffic to my site, don’t experiment with buying traffic, visitors don’t buy from you!

Reading many articles about swarming traffic to your site drew me to Traffic Swarm, Google Snipe, what is snipping anyway and others promising to boost my traffic to levels I can’t cope with… believe me I can cope with all the traffic this sent my way and have largely come to the conclusion that by promising US$ 500 a day in revenue actually only profits them, by marketing their site and not really doing very much for yours.

A nubile company aiming to boost sales via the net is drawn into reading these web marketing success stories, but can writing a repetitive article, duplicating their model with a short video and the promise of an eBook describing revelations in internet marketing really be the secret to drawing millions to your site for free.

Well let’s go… watch this video… I’ll be honest here, it’s not a video about making you money it’s a short cartoon of a true story that happened to me when I was touring Europe in 1983… Anglo-Franco relations at their best… buy my product to make sure it doesn’t happen to you… sorry for the little plug!.

If you want a eBook I’ll not sell you one, because I don’t have a secret model for internet success to describe to you… not that it would work anyway and secondly as I give them away on my site to compliment my dictionary software.

My website is configured using WordPress, the back end behind many blogs and uses an eCommerce plugin called Yak, which allows me to automate instant downloads after a sale is completed through PayPal. It works well.

I have installed a number of plugins to improve indexing in search engines including autotagging, permalink rewriting and promotion of old posts, but at the end of the day there is no is quick and easy solution to get this swarm of traffic that brings in more money is advertising revenue than you aim to make selling your own product. I have spent hours writing titles for tags and product posts and believe this is a much better use of my time than trying to follow a dubious model to achieve internet marketing success.

If you sell a low cost product Google Adwords can cost you more than you bring in. In my experience it isn’t that difficult to attract traffic to your site by using great keywords which relate directly to your products, but if one in five hundred generate a sale it costs a minimum of five quid to reach your goal and I sell for 2.99… um a loss of two quid a sale… kewl!

I found using Google products has elevated my dictionary software in Google rankings and the abyss of eBay has generated very little… again at a cost and other shopping sites really don’t match my product – price mix.

I don’t have a solution or an eBook to generate millions of new visitors for free… did you watch my video. Nothing is free, especially if you value your labour, spend your time wisely and good luck in getting your internet business going and growing.

Bede Key PhD.

Calorie Counter / Calorie Calculator

Mobile Phone



Absolutely FREE Calorie counter (calorie calculator) for mobile phones, Blackberry, Palm and games consoles.

Calculate calorie intake while at home, in a restaurant, on vacation or on a business trip.

Running on cell phones (mobile phone) and mobile devices compatible with the J2ME specifications CLDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 or later including Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile (PocketPC and Smartphone), Android and games consoles (PSP Nintendo DS) installed with a compatiable JVM.

This clever little application can be used to Search for the calorie count per 100 grams of over 7500 food items, also showing in grams protein, fat and carb content when the Details are selected.

After displaying the Details of any item enter a custom weight, for example for the current meal, and Calculate the calories for that food item. This is displayed and stored so that calories can be counted for a meal or for a day. The Meal Total can be displayed at any time and Clear Total used to reset the counter.


Supported Device
Alcatel, Amoi, Anextek, Asus, Audiovox, BenQ, BenQ-Siemens,
Carrier, CECT, Cingular, Dopod, E-ten, Fly, Gigabyte, Gotive,
Hitachi, HP, HTC, Huawei, i-mate, I-mobile, Innostream,
IzenMobile, LG, LG Electronics, Lenovo, Mitac, Motorola,
NEC, Neonode, Nokia, O2, Orange, PalmOne, Panasonic, Pantech,
Philips, QTEK, Qtek, Qool Labs, RoverPC, Sagem, Samsung,
Sendo, Sharp, Siemens, Telit, T-Mobile, Tatung, Toshiba,
UTSarcom, Vitelcom, Voxtel, VK Mobile, Vodafone, Yakumo, ZTE
PSP, Nintendo DS, Symbian, S60, Blackberry, Palm, Android